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Advertising - and Innovation- How to  Flourish Now

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Innovation and Creativity demand new envelopes. They are more scrutinized than ever before, at all levels of the organization. Perhaps it is an over-reaction. But the reality is that results have to be made obvious and spending must conform with the supply-chain methodologies that dominate every other part of the business. Emerging Business Group is prepared to breathe new life into existing programs, or launch new businesses.

The results of your work show up in many laces: Online, retail outlets, the Direct channels, your partners' sites. Can you find those results? We can. Certain technologies, properly positioned, free up your ability to nourish the best ideas so that they will  propel results to the next level.   We help you pick up the pieces of the  investments you've made

If they use our technology to find money launderers in Singapore, you can use us to find the results of your work. Use EBG to uncover opportunities for- and proof of- your creative work  

The marketing model has not changed since David Ogilvy  wrote" the business of Advertising is to SELL" If marketing is as matter of seeing which way the parade is going and jumping to the head of it, the opportunity is NOW for those prepared to leverage certain technologies and the New creativity to absolutely prove the value-add of their work

THEN:    In Ogilvy's Day- this worked:                                   NOW:  Multiple Channels for iPhone:


The mandate for creativity and measurement grows more complex .   Since the days of mounting a good-looking  campaign  and hoping for the best are pretty much over, the key driver for success is intimate knowledge . Knowing what data to obtain – getting it, and having it measured in real time against the standards of performance set by your team- is the next "magic wand", the new New Thing. There is no time to waste on the deep- seated "turf" battles that segregate data repositories, inadvertent omissions, or the challenge of massive data volumes that blur the true picture of the "as is" state of the business.

It is unacceptable to tolerate the excuse that sheer data volume. or departmental reporting "filters" prevent your team from the clearest picture of the effects of your advertising expenditure. .What we have created is an offering which makes it possible to extract exactly what you need from the most remote or fragile systems and create a living snapshot of the business – the good, the bad, the great - in real time 

On a more defensive note, the growing demands for transparency and prudence is growing. According to our friends at Wilmer Cutler, last year’s average settlement for disappointed and litigious investors was $23.6 Million up 33%. Driving this is a balkanized onslaught that has led the battle to be conducted n five fronts: securities class actions; derivative action; independent private action by those who opt out of class action settlements; 401K cases; and "aiding and abetting" cases brought against bankers    New tools are needed.

  • Analytics enables your team by searching automatically through huge amounts of data, looking for patterns of events and presenting these to the business in an easy to understand graphical form.

Analytics finds answers to important questions that users may never have asked.

A Datamart can continue to provide a lot of information to help manage a company, but Analytics goes a step further - to identify opportunities

EBG will provide assurances to guarantee the results in the "Last Mile" of your path to the results you need.

There are no barriers. If we believe in your plan, we will work with low initial cost ... share the risks/share the rewards plan

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