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So  what is that is new about the information being delivered? It has expanded the demand for more precise interpretation of the ocean of information that threatens to overwhelm the intelligent reader. The  information - centered organization is more vulnerable to mis-interpretations than ever.

The solution resides with the very same accepted authors, helping the reader apply the material to the precise matter at hand. In a direct, simple manner.

Computer-literate has to take on a new meaning: a person's power to see and thoroughly master any subject in a way that cannot be found anywhere else.

Since the mass adoption of the Internet, various technology-driven schemes have done little more than speed up the basic Guttenberg premise of moveable type creating mass-produced information that is, by the very process, as generalized as possible to satisfy the greatest number of average readers

EBG provides ultimate clarity to reader and author alike. Protects organizations that depend on the knowledge of their people. Generates feedback as well as incremental income for the authors and publisher.. It customizes information into knowledge that precisely matches the needs of each subscriber. The delivery is elegant and painless.

. The company has refined a software package that is the only one in the world that allows people to share and create information on the computer screen in a practical fashion over the Internet - or across plain (but very secure) copper phone lines.

What is this Technology?

  • Our package software enables an expert or author to share your screen as if he or she were sitting next to you. The codes have been deployed and constantly refined over the last eight years by technical staff helping users at organizations ranging form Deutsche Telekomm to the US Marine Corps. Its fundamental architecture eliminates the need to repaint screens, poll for addresses, and thus is extremely fast and easy to use.

What is the Added value?

  • Security. Session originate on an Internet Home page - then switches over to privacy of a telephony point-to-point connection. This is an extremely important psychological feature for users when confidential information is involved.
    • This technology approach is superior to a chat, whiteboard, or Notes session because it is dynamic, enabling both parties to see and work the narrative, and relate how changes here affect the numbers on a spreadsheet. The reader gets the answers and the PROCESS BY WHICH THAT ANSWER IS ARRIVED AT. We don't need much bandwidth, so the session take place "on the fly" from whatever phone numbers apply at the moment. Is faster than any other remote node approach.
    • For user, they receive pinpoint interpretation of the vast amounts of information already available. The behavior of buying the book narrows the definition of who that reader accepts as the true "expert". The book they have bought read is just step One. This session is the logical progression towards useful understanding.
    • For publishers - they receive incremental revenue with absolutely no "cannibalization" of their print product. The existence of the written word is setting the parameters for the session.
    • For authors/experts, they receive incremental revenue with very efficient use of their time. Not travel, no small talk. Gain insight to how their material is actually being used, which stimulates ideas for future supplements. Also gain new prospects for future consulting

What is the typical Transaction scenario?

    • Reader is aware of this service through promotional efforts of publishers and re-sellers and our marketing. When a question arises, he goes to publisher home page for link to come directly to us. Customer provides particulars of question, and best time for a session. Preliminary research and additional fact gathering is done by staff per general directions of author.
    • Appointment is booked, and session is conducted through our server.
    • Additional "flavors" of services can be offered using this flexible, scalable model. Pricepoints can be established for services ranging from elaborate reports to "quick and dirty" answers delivered within the hour.

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