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The standards are changing as fast as the metrics. While the definitions of GAAP continue to evolve, the fiduciary duty of Directors, Managers, Bankers and Advisors remain tied to the fundamental principles enunciated by Pecora, Hopkins, and  Louis Loss when they wrote the original Securities and Exchange Acts of 1933, 1934. Louis Loss continued his commentary  that shapes the handling of emerging stock  issues until this day.

Last year there were 37,116 deals worldwide, with no firm capturing more than 1% of the flow or 28% of the dollar volume  It is imperative to differentiate one's offerings now by introducing a new paradigm . To assure control and  transparency while protecting the unique elements of  strategic advantage.

How to innovate without being tarred with that Tyco brush? How to detect and act on unfolding events without being burned by the witch-hunt? The data footprint holds the key. If you can get all remotely relevant files that track the behavior of all divisions, their fickle customers, supplier trends, and even the effect of publicity, you can manage today's single greatest determinants of success or trouble.

Emerging Business Group, with its inside experience in the dynamics of Tax, SEC and Regulatory Law, has chosen to deploy certain technologies built entirely on the Java platform to introduce the Fiduciary Information Systems to remove the impediments to excellence in corporate governance

  • Enable non-technical executives to have real-time "snapshots" and adapt to change on the fly
  • Uncover the data mishandled or buried in the target's legacy systems
  • Replace general metrics with dynamic measurements using the business rules of YOUR trusted strategy
  • Replace assumptions with "ground truth" to truly understand emerging challenges, proactive solutions

The delivery is elegant and painless.

What is this Technology?

  • Our neural network analytics suite enables your team to acquire, interpret and project patterns of customer, supplier, partner behavior within the corporate structure. Pinpoint areas of improved profits. Identify areas of reducing costs with minimal impact.
  • The data stays where it is, no need to build a new, expensive, complex data mart.
  • Neural networking acts independent of the questions normally asked at times like this. You set your priorities, include new regulatory requirements as they occur, train a "model" to reflect your priorities, and the technology sniffs out patterns within the internal data. You can also blend external data.
  • Compression allows vast amounts of data to be reviewed and updated on demand. Your fiduciary accountability is assured.

How does the service work?

  • Contact us for a confidential discussion and assessment.
  • If appropriate, EBG will create a relevant prototype to familiarize your team with this Due Diligence package - for current and future deals.
For the in-depth Whitepaper, send your request to


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