What is needed now for this- and the next - Bubble?

The Formula that Destroyed Wall street:



The antidote to this - and the next Bubble

PE: Fund Raising or Monetization

Newest NEW Thing: Knowledge+Action

Chaos+Reason: Customers and Investors

Advertising - and Innovation- How to  Flourish Now

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VAR -Value at Risk-  the  guideline for managing the firm's exposure each night Seemed  a good idea:.


But the failure to be precise, to nimbly  dig beyond the 50.000 foot level -  led to the greatest collapse 

in 75 years

The definition of insanity is to keep repeating   the same behavior - and expect to get a different outcome

After the Salem Witch Trials, the "witches" were punished - but for all the hangings and the burnings the townspeople continued to drop from the fundamental disease that caused the hysteria



  • What was always overlooked?  

  • What led smart, experienced, deeply funded firms- our best and our   brightest-off the cliff? 

Now - 

What is the antidote: how to identify - and defeat -  the next Bubble?


Contact us ...... you'll be better for it 



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