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Is now the time to have the proven principles of Prime Movers working on Your side? To reduce Risk and detonate the enormous benefits of Change?

Our offerings are more vital than ever. From F50 clients to self-funded startups, we have provided the most powerful elements of Positioning  Strategy, Technology, and Direct Marketing since 1986. Empowering the best to succeed in markets beset by vicious competition, volatile regulators, and fickle customers . We make guarantees.. You will have the metrics and the insight to prosper at this  critical point where great opportunities are just there for you ....

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Google for the Rest of Us

It's come to our-and everyone's- attention that Google is out to dominate. They are so good, their offerings so rich- that even when they think they're slowing down- they still are going thirty miles an hour faster than the average user who really wants to fully use what they offer. We can help  

.The built-in Defense against the Next Bubble. The reports are in, the details testified, Frank-Dodd passed. Bottom line- you are on your own. Each of the drivers for the damage have been left in intact, whatever the reason. Thus - a prime opportunity for those who can assemble the ingredients to detect true value, measure the emerging trends precisely, and can stay ahead of events.   See the specs and details  


...Newest new thing for Private Equity  ..Whether leaving the Public Markets, or planning for re-entry.....  skepticism, impending  regulation, and frenzied bidding eliminate room for error. Directors, Management, Bankers and advisors  profit  through an incontrovertible standard. Whether hunting for underlying value - or seeking consistency in the delivery thereof  - use our detecting network. Catalyze and monetize your smartest assets. Proprietary , custom designed neural analytics make it happen. As Bruce Wasserstein famously said, "If we're not offering superior advice, they may as well go ...elsewhere"   See the Specs and details


... Advertising Across ...Differentiate or perish. You truly can create the campaigns that "break  through the clutter" and succeed at all levels. From securing approval for such "soft" investments to watching over messages that deliver from five to twenty times the results.  .See the Specs and details

.. Chaos + Reason ... An understanding of the true "drivers" , the human behaviors, is buried under the oceans of information you receive each day. How do you  "punch through" the limit of reports and narratives  and be guaranteed that the critical facts are understood - and   useable -  in your organization's course of business? .You can deploy the cures and assure good action at the "tipping point", not when it is too late. How?  See the Specs and details


    • Ready to get back to basics in this business climate?  
    • Time to make all the acquired business units work? Together?
    •  Ready to Re-direct the technology investments already expensed?  
    • Ready to grow through  acquisitions made brilliant ? 

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